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Have you tried our products? Are you satisfied with the results? We have good news for you then!!! Its human nature to share things with each other. As human beings, we belong to some form of community, with which we share our experiences with the people we bond including our friend’s relations, family, colleagues etc…

We share experiences both good and bad; these people take our word as these relationships are based on trust which is a very important and powerful factor. This important factor is also known as word of mouth. This very simple concept which we have been practicing for the last many centuries when applied to APEXAURA products with a well-planned and structured payment plan has resulted in a boom with countless number of people earning an income resulting in a complete change of their perception of life itself. Also known as Word of Mouth Marketing and a few other terms, APEXAURA has designed an excellent commission system with many benefits and rewards, World Tours, Cash Awards and much more. Being in the ‘Direct Selling’ industry gives us a hands-on experience directly with our customers.

Direct Selling at present is one of the World’s fastest growing industries creating the most number of millionaires worldwide compared to any other field of work. Here at APEXAURA, we have been able to taste success and prosperity, thanks to the founding fathers of Direct Selling. We have been able to give many passionate people like yourself the chance to change their life over for good. Hundreds of happy people deal with millions of rupees and we are able to testify to many ‘rags to riches’ stories from within our organization. We practice Ethical Business practices and follow a strict Code of Conduct in Direct Selling ensuring a high quality and standard among us and our customers. While door to door sales is a well-known factor in Sri Lanka, we practice Person to Person selling strategy which has encouraged many dormant yet talented people to rise forth and move to places they never taught they ever would be. This opens up the opportunity to explain the benefits and proper usage of our products meanwhile building a strong customer base and opening dimensions to work as a successful Direct Seller.

APEXAURA is changing the face of Sri Lanka by giving every single individual to realize and achieve their dreams by using the powerful tool called Direct Selling while slowly eliminating poverty from our beloved nation and improving the living standards of every single person involved. We have been growing at a fast pace since our birth in 2014, and as our products grow in demand Island wide and World Wide, we are on the lookout for individuals who share a similar passion like us in spreading the good news of our health supplements around the world. Talk to the person who introduced you to APEXAURA for more information and be a part of this wonderful team of highly motivated people who are in to change the world. YOUR dreams are in YOUR hands!!!

Global Direct Selling Sales by Region 2017 - USD (millions)



Africa/Middle East


North America


South & Central America


European Union


Rest of Europe

Global Direct Selling - Sales by Product Category - 2017



Cosmetics and Personal Care


Household Goods and Durable


Clothing and Accessories


Financial Services


Home Care






“Sharing makes perfect consumption; consumption makes you strong; operation of sharing towards world perfect consumption makes more wealth. Apexaura entrepreneurs common resource sharing system (ECRSS) brings your health wealth prosperity and happiness.”

Devan Muthuhetti Apex Director

“Apexaura is an opportunity that changed my life 360 degrees. Not only have an earned money because of Apexaura, but i was blessed with knowledge, experiences, joy and i was able to associate so many wonderful people as well. “No Body Can Be Somebody” All these things, i have received because of Apexaura.”

Shashika Gunasinghe Apex Senior Manager

“Nature is enormously rounded up with us, As far as we breathe, we have to accept nature; I am appreciative to all living things. The nature blessings have strengthened. Love to life and nature. Apexaura is the heart of life and nature learning hub. Who are bounded with us get rich of life. ‘We’ together to Wellness prevent say ‘I’ am Illness.”

Maduwanthi Ekanayaka MBA( USA ), PGD, NLP, HND(SL), GGA Apex Director