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Diving back in time to when APEXAURA was born, we have come a long way since that humble beginning. It all started with one man and his dream to bring the vast and rich benefits of Herbal goodness to Sri Lanka and to the rest of the world. The journey kicks off with the accidental discovery of Inginee (Clearing Nut) in a tea shop in Polonnaruwa. The story of this discovery is a journey in itself. Hence started our plunge into the world of Organic Herbals which when used in the right manner at the right dose can do miracles in our lives. It all started with the discovery of Inginee which ignited our passion to spread good health to every corner of Sri Lanka. After all, we were born to live a healthy life. Although our island is blessed with lush greenery, many of which hold untold medicinal benefits, and most of which are yet to be discovered or studied, reports of bad health are very prevalent.

APEXAURA has contributed to our nation in numerous ways, but above all, we are proud to say that we have contributed largely towards creating job opportunities for our valuable farming community which is the back bone of our country and of the most important sectors that run this nation. As our arsenal of products increased, so did the demand due to which there was a boost in job opportunities. It has been over 4 years since 2014 that we have been in action (as at 2019), and we have come a long way. Our company has grown in heaps and bounds in every direction. Today, we have our trademark internationally with our products being used in many nations of the world where they are greatly valued for their high quality and unfailing results. APEXAURA is proud to be established in multiple countries all over the world and countless number of people actively working on spreading the good news locally and internationally.

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Apexaura is dedicated to its mission of advocating the premium Sri Lankan herbal food supplements. Ever since its founding, “Apexaura” has been helping customers live a balanced, affluent and healthy life by providing herbal food supplement products of the highest quality. Over the past four years, we have developed a unique corporate culture of continuous improvement, high-quality products, high brand credibility, and not to mention, a dedicated sales force and staff members. All these forms the foundation for our accumulating achievements.

We are well entrenched in the wellness industry and are delighted to see more people come to know Apexaura and benefit form its product range. We truly believe this is only the beginning of a grate journey forward while facing the long-term challenges of helping more people lead a healthy and balanced life.

We prioritize in continuing to uphold our core values of Honesty – Collaboration – Perseverance – Wisdom. Apexaura is dedicated in working towards increasing healthy living on a global scale, from our strong hold in Sri Lanka.

Sheekshana Gunawardana,
Apexaura INT (PVT) Ltd.

“Sharing makes perfect consumption; consumption makes you strong; operation of sharing towards world perfect consumption makes more wealth. Apexaura entrepreneurs common resource sharing system (ECRSS) brings your health wealth prosperity and happiness.”

Devan Muthuhetti Apex Director

“Apexaura is an opportunity that changed my life 360 degrees. Not only have an earned money because of Apexaura, but i was blessed with knowledge, experiences, joy and i was able to associate so many wonderful people as well. “No Body Can Be Somebody” All these things, i have received because of Apexaura.”

Shashika Gunasinghe Apex Senior Manager

“Nature is enormously rounded up with us, As far as we breathe, we have to accept nature; I am appreciative to all living things. The nature blessings have strengthened. Love to life and nature. Apexaura is the heart of life and nature learning hub. Who are bounded with us get rich of life. ‘We’ together to Wellness prevent say ‘I’ am Illness.”

Maduwanthi Ekanayaka MBA( USA ), PGD, NLP, HND(SL), GGA Apex Director