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Apexaura Launches Scenic Oil

By: Apexaura Date: 31 March, 2019 Category: Health

Apexaura Launches Scenic Oil

APEXAURA launches its latest product, Scenic Oil on the 31st March 2019 at the CHPB Auditorium in Battaramulla. The oil was officially launched by the Chairman of the company, Mr Sheekshana Gunawardena, in the presence of about 200 excited distributors.

The auditorium glimmered in a shade of orange, setting a pumpkin theme while many activities were done around the idea of pumpkin, from an artful pumpkin carving contest to many lucky one’s getting to taste an outstanding salad and sandwiches made using the Scenic Oil. These events were followed by Apex Director Mr. Devan Muthuhetti shedding light on the much awaited benefits of Scenic Oil (Pure Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil) such as its richness in antioxidants, magnesium, zinc etc with examples and stories educating everyone with all the necessary information in his own unique yet effective style.

Lahiru Mendis, the main program presenter who is also a Platinum Executive enthusiastically executed the entire event while keeping the entire crowd on the edge of their seats. Product testimonials were shared to give further insight and bring to light the changes our products were doing in the life of people all over the Island. This also served as an encouragement to the many new distributors present, igniting a passion to spread the good news at the same time, with more confidence in spreading the goodness of our products far and wide.

The company also took the liberty to recognize distributors in every level of the company according to their ranks while giving Platinum Executives the opportunity to share a few words about their success. The stage remained over crowded by the ever growing number of distributors with the stage hardly able to accommodate them all.

APEXAURA leaders such as Apex Senior Manager Mrs. Shashika Gunasinghe, Apex Director Mr. Chamila Hemantha, Apex Director Mrs Maduwanthi Ekanayake and Apex Director Mr. Devan Muthuhetti delivered personal speeches with life changing words about their journey with the company and led into insider secrets to their personal success. Their speeches ranged from humorous stories to emotional heart throbbing experiences endured along the ladder to success. These people who stand as the cornerstones of  APEXAURA has not only worked hard and changed their life and lifted the name of APEXAURA, but are a living, breathing example for all of us to learn that nothing is impossible in life if you are committed and focused.

In the midst of tears of joy, emotional moments and non-stop applauding, the stage was set for entertainment as Diamond Executive; Mr Keerthi Perera captivated the auditorium with his beautiful chanting to keep the event lively, setting the mood for the ever vibrant crowd with 2 most loved Sinhala songs…

The program was an intense success and spirits were lifted high by the power of the words shared and the entire experience as a whole. Not to forget, the main attraction, Scenic Oil started selling like hot cakes off the oven as soon as the program came to an end.

Special Credit goes to Diamond Executive Mr. Feroze Miskin for coordinating the entire program with many other hard working individuals, a lot of behind the scene action and endless sleepless night to make this program a grand success…